Tinkertot Explorers

Where Learning is an Adventure!!!



The Explorer's program combines hands-on activities, books, videos, poems,
songs, worksheets, and crafts in an innovative and exciting curriculum.

Our curriculum is filled with the tools and guidance a child requires to
develop a strong foundation for success in kindergarten. Explorers will learn
developmentally appropriate activities in a warm nurturing environment.

With the importance of technology in our world today, the Explorers'
program will review new ways of enhancing the curriculum.
We will always be mindful that, as wonderful as technology can be, hands-on
learning and interaction with friends and teachers is #1.    


           Exploring our World

The seven continents and the oceans around them along with the United States will be studied. Children will become familiar some of our favorite states. The importance of music and art on American culture and history will also be taught. Science and more science! We will learn about the human body, life cycles, the solar system, weather, plants, animals and much, much more!

We will journal about our day, with pictures or words, in our Explorers Notebook!  

All levels of learning will be assessed  for each child's capabilities and adjusted for each student to meet their optimal learning style. We want our children to learn to love learning at whatever level may be comfortable.

Throughout the year we will utilize the following additional programs:
Handwriting Without Tears
Hooked on Phonics (If they are ready.)
Hooked on Phonics Spanish
Touch Math 
Kumon Math
Others curriculum will be used based on each students needs.