Tinkertot Explorers

Where Learning is an Adventure!!!

                                                                              COMING IN SEPTEMBER 2015....New updated centers to enhance
 learning through play!

The Explorers' classroom is attractive, bright and colorful. A motivating and enriching environment; children learn and play at their own pace. The atmosphere provides a positive first learning experience inspires creativity and discovery.

Explorers' Philosophy

Tinkertot Explorers' learning philosophy is really a combination of many.  Life is too short to choose just one direction.  Pathways enter our lives in many different ways and it is always 
fun to meander down each one.
Explorers respects that children are capable, eager learners and by providing a trusting environment they will thrive.  Some learning is child-directed, while on occasion, practice makes perfect, but we never forget the 
power of learning through play. 
Tinkertot Explorers is a fun, learning oriented program for children ages 3 to 5. A motivating environment, Explorers is a perfect place for your preschooler to learn and grow.

Explorers' Owner

The Explorer Program is owned and operated by Elizabeth Marsian-Boucher.  Elizabeth graduated from 
American International College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  
She has been licensed as a family day care provider for over 18 years.  Education, love, knowledge, respect, and experiences are an investment and should be a priority for our children.  Teaching children to be confident and empowered has always been a precedent in her career. 

*Member of the East Longmeadow School Committee since 2010
*President Board of Directors for the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative Corporation
*Liaison for the East Longmeadow Educational Endowment Fund Board
*Member of the Community Partnership for Children
*Willie Ross School for the Deaf Partnership
*Member of the Mountainview School Council 2007-2010